WWE: Why Becky Lynch was the wrestler of the year in 2019

In light of the Weekly DDT podcast’s latest episode, I take a look at why I think WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch emerged out of 2019 as the best wrestler of the year.

For those unaware, Weekly DDT is Daily DDT’s official podcast that covers all things WWE, AEW, NJPW, indies and everything else in the wrestling world. The pod can be listened to on both Spreaker and Apple iTunes.

For the most recent and final episode of 2019, the host of the podcast (that’s me!) did a solo run in favor of recapping the year with the Year End JAM Awards. Because I’m JAM. And I’m listing awards. Just go with it. Anyway, in between calling WrestleMania 35 my Show of the Year and Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard my Feud of the Year, I declared Becky Lynch to be the Wrestler of the Year for 2019.

I figured that after I finished recording and published the podcast some days ago, I should take the time to highlight exactly why I gave Lynch that honor. I touch on it for a few minutes on the pod, but felt like a more longform explanation was necessary. Plus, this article’s easy promotion for the pod, believe it or not.

Anyway, let’s start simply with breaking down her accomplishments. Which, let’s face it, almost go without saying because each of her accomplishments this year have been so well revered.

Royal Rumble winner. One of three of the first women to ever main event WrestleMania. First woman to ever win a WrestleMania main event, being the first woman to successfully pin Ronda Rousey in the process. First woman to hold two titles as Becky Two Belts. Longest reigning Raw Women’s Champion, clocking in at (stares at watch) a-lot-of-days and counting.

Even outside of wrestling, she’s had a boatload of media appearances with the likes of ESPN, MTV and Sportscenter. She was a Muscle & Fitness cover star, WWE 2K20 cover star and the first WWE star to ever be featured on the cover of ESPN Magazine. Was once the top merch seller in WWE.

I can go on and on listing The Man’s accomplishments (believe me, she’s had a ton of them), but I think you get the point now. The bigger point here is that Becky Lynch worked hard, but an even bigger point than that is that Lynch stepped up to the plate.

Judging from how over Lynch became during the latter half of 2018, everyone knew she was primed for a big 2019, but no one expected to see just how well she’d elevate her game to match her main event position.

Her in-ring skill and promos became sharper, making for some compelling interview segments and some of the best matches of the year. Whether she wrestled veterans on her level like Natalya and Sasha Banks, or giving Lacey Evans her first taste of a title match during her rookie days, Becky went out of her way to get the best match possible out of each and every one of her opponents.

In the process, she was doing countless media tours in between working a handful of matches across house shows, TV tapings and PPV events all in the same week, rarely breaking a sweat. And if she did sweat, she wouldn’t let it show. Instead, she brought her A-game every time with ease.

Lynch often talks about in her promos how she wants challengers to step up to her level, but rather than just demand others to challenge her, she challenged herself all year round by constantly striving for improvement in every single facet of her game and exceeded expectations along the way in all areas on all platforms, in and out of the ring.

And that, my friends, is why I dub Becky Lynch as the best wrestler of 2019. Cheers to an even bigger 2020 for The Man to look forward to.

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