WWE: 5 possible mystery partners for Roman Reigns against Miz and Morrison

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Roman Reigns will have an unknown partner in his corner when he takes on the tag team of The Miz and John Morrison on this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown. Since The Usos won’t be at the show, here are five possible friends for The Big Dog.

Although Drew McIntyre eliminated Roman Reigns in the Royal Rumble’s final two this year, The Big Dog is headed for another major WrestleMania. As WWE‘s top male star, Reigns is the favorite to main event The Show of Shows, with Bray Wyatt‘s “Fiend” being the most likely Universal Champion opponent for Reigns. However, Goldberg looms as a possible opponent given he will face Wyatt in a title match at Super ShowDown later this month.

Reigns’ Road to WrestleMania will be of particular interest this year, since it seems wide open. Many expect him to pick up a big win that seals his ‘Mania match next month inside the Elimination Chamber, but, before that, he has a few more obstacles to clear among the heels on SmackDown.

This Friday, Reigns will face the tag team of The Miz and John Morrison, who are the top contenders to The New Day’s SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso won’t be at the show, so a mystery partner will be teaming up with Reigns.

Here are five men who could potentially help The Big Dog pick up a win over “The Dirt Sheet”.

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