WWE: Hey critics, Becky Lynch made it, and she isn’t going anywhere

Photo: Becky Lynch, WWE 2019
Photo: Becky Lynch, WWE 2019 /

Becky Lynch has made it as WWE’s top star, but she isn’t done yet.

If you were to log on to social media and post a photo of WWE superstar Becky Lynch asking, “What are your thoughts on Becky Lynch?” Chances are you will get a huge mix of responses.

While a great deal of people have admiration and respect for The Man, you also have people who seemingly, just don’t like her. Maybe they don’t like the character, maybe they don’t resonate with her story, or maybe she wasn’t their choice and that’s okay.

Either way, like her or not, there are many reasons she is in the position she is in and why she is the right choice to be the face of the company and leading the women’s division.


Becky Lynch for years was one of the most overlooked talents in the women’s division and constantly played second fiddle to the other horsewomen in NXT and on the Main Roster. She was used as a stepping stone for others to shine, for years.

That’s part of the business pay your dues, hopefully, one day it’ll be your turn. However, it seemed inevitable Becky was going to be stuck in catering or booked as the helper, best friend, lackey for the rest of her career if something didn’t change.

What they missed, Becky didn’t.

The company was busy pushing others and using Becky as a stepping stone – an iron woman and reliable entertainer – what they were missing was the response. The responses from the audience every time she would enter an arena or cut a promo. The crowd singing her song, chanting her name, or cheering for her whenever she got remotely close to winning. Go watch for yourselves. F

rom the day she came out with the Irish jig in NXT, listen to the audience. When she lost at NXT Unstoppable, listen to the audience. When Daniel Bryan introduced the Smackdown women’s title, listen to the audience. Every time she climbed the TLC ladder in 2018, listen to the audience. It’s always been there for her, crowd support and fan connection.

So, when Becky kicked it into full throttle with the slap heard around the world at SummerSlam 2018, the response was deafening. FINALLY! From there we were witness to one of the most organic rises of any superstar like we had never seen before in the current era, and that superstar was a woman.

Criticism of The Man

She has made it. She is The Man. The face of the company, alongside Roman Reigns. She has made so much history in the culmination of a year it’s hard to keep track and because of that some call her “overpushed”.

The woman who naturally rose to superstardom within the industry is now “overpushed”? The same woman who is face of the company and barely gets 5-8 minutes of TV time on a 3-hour weekly show, is overpushed?

She has made history, she has changed the game, and she helped put women’s wrestling at the forefront of the conversation and I believe that bothers some people.

It is important to talk about this, why is Becky Lynch the face of the company? In my opinion, she has a relatable story. The Man’s story, Becky Lynch’s story is her own. It is Rebecca Quin’s story just amped up x10 for TV. She has a story kids, teenagers and adults can connect with. It inspires people to be more confident and know they can also be the leaders of their school, hobby or industries with hard work and determination. It wasn’t supposed to be her, but she changed the narrative, she made them pay attention and that is the inspiration we can all use in our daily lives.

How many of us have been overlooked for someone else? How many of us have been used by coworkers to further their own careers? How many of us had/have the talent but weren’t considered ideal? How many of us were/are bullied in school? How many of us are told our accents are too thick? How many of us have dealt with anxiety or depression?

Becky Lynch has dealt with all of it. She has been through it all, overcame it all, and look at her now. That’s relatability. That’s real connection. It is why people are so passionate about her and believe in her so much.

She’s made it, now what?

Becky Lynch has stated that she has accomplished the goals she once set for herself, so now she will make up some new ones. She brought up on #WWEBackstage that she now wants women’s wrestling to be normalized, where it is no longer a rarity for women to take center stage in WWE. In doing so, Becky is advocating for women’s wrestling to be treated equally to men’s wrestling and for consistency. She is now leading the charge for this change, it has to start somewhere, and Becky is the perfect person to lead that charge along with the other women of WWE.

Leading and speaking up for change, she is putting herself in the position to receive all the criticism and backlash that comes with that role. Just like her counterparts Cena and Reigns, it is natural for some fans to “get sick of her”, which comes with the superstar position she is currently in and affirms she has truly made it.

However, advocating for change in women’s wrestling puts an extra target on her back Cena and Reigns never had to directly deal with. Wanting women’s titles and matches to be equal to if not greater than the men’s titles and matches should not be an argument, yet she receives backlash for saying so. Becky is bringing to the forefront conversations some people just aren’t ready to have or feel uncomfortable with and that is where change starts.

dark. Next. Shayna Baszler is an ultimate force, but at what cost?

Love her, like her or hate her it is more than clear that Becky Lynch is easily the most polarizing entertainer in the pro wrestling industry today. She gets people talking, she gets people thinking, and she’s ruffling feathers.

Buckle in, because The Man still has a lot of work to do. She isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.