WWE Raw: 3 possible angles for Steve Austin on Stone Cold Day

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Tonight is going to be a special episode of WWE Raw, namely because of 3:16 Day. What special angles could the fed book Steve Austin in to mark the occasion?

WWE Raw is set up to be a celebration of sorts. It’s Stone Cold Day! Mind you, it’s also a day where WWE is relocating their premiere arena show into the crowdless Performance Center out of concern for the Coronavirus, but as was the case during last Friday’s episode of SmackDown, the company hope to use the lens of sports entertainment to alleviate some of the fears and anxieties of their fans and just take the edge off.

On this Monday, WWE hope to do the same, only this time, it will all be in the spirit of Stone Cold Day with the promise of an appearance from the Hall of Famer himself. The only question now is what could he do at the PC?

Judging by his past one-off returns in the past these last few years, the possibilities seem endless, albeit within reason. More often than not, we see Austin return just to cut a promo for old time’s sake, hit someone with a Stunner, have a dream encounter with one of today’s modern Superstars, etc.

But keeping such things into consideration, we have to wonder what kind of segments he could partake in and with who? Let us take a few guesses, shall we?

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