WWE: 5 matches to watch while the Network is free

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The WWE Network has announced it will show every WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and TakeOver Special for free.

It’s been difficult for many people to find things to do while socially isolating and keeping their communities safe from the novel coronavirus, but wrestling has been a welcome escape for many fans. WWE has been broadcasting episodes of Raw and SmackDown from the Performance Center, and WrestleMania is set to go ahead on Apr. 4 and 5.

The future of WWE‘s shows is up in the air, depending on how the outbreak continues to develop over the next couple of weeks. But the company has announced it will be unlocking every major PPV on the WWE Network for free, as well as recent episodes of Raw and SmackDown.

Fans can also watch certain original shows and past Pay Per Views for free.

This is awesome news for professional wrestling fans, and WWE will also hope that this little treat brings back past fans who haven’t subscribed to the Network or followed the product in years.

Here are five matches to watch on the Network while it’s free.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley, NXT TakeOver Brooklyn

You can’t go wrong with Sasha Banks vs. Bayley in their Ironwoman match at NXT TakeOver: Respect, but TakeOver: Brooklyn was where the magic all started.

Banks and Bayley are two of the greatest wrestlers on the planet today, and they tell stories like few others in this business. The best of friends and the worst of enemies, Bayley and Banks are about to write the next chapter in their wonderful story at WrestleMania 36 when The Legit Boss competes in a Six-Pack Challenge for The Role Model’s SmackDown Women’s Championship.

So why not take a journey back to Aug. 22, 2015, and watch the GOATs put on a show like only they can. If you could only watch one match on the Network, then it should be this one. Few matches in modern wrestling history have made the same impact as Sasha vs. Bayley at TakeOver: Brooklyn. It didn’t just steal the show. It stole the entire calendar year.

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