Roman Reigns showed the class of a top star

In case you forgot just one of the myriad of reasons why Roman Reigns is WWE’s top male star, he gave you a graceful reminder with a humble, classy tweet.

Roman Reigns has meant everything to WWE over the years. In so many ways, the leader of the Shield has epitomized what it means to be a top star in professional wrestling. He works hard to keep improving on his craft, sells like crazy to make others on the roster look like stars, and is a true leader in the locker room. Everyone in the company sings his praises and appreciates how much he puts into the business.

From WWE’s perspective as a business, they couldn’t be happier with what Reigns has done on top. He has a legion of diverse fans, knows how to get the crowd in the palm of his hands, and excels at media simply by being his down-to-earth, cordial self.

And on social media, Reigns always represents the brand well, saying and doing the right things.

Recently, Drew McIntyre opined in an interview with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy that he wants to see Randy Orton vs. Edge main event on the Saturday night of WrestleMania 36 over the Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Goldberg.

Currently, it’s unclear what Saturday’s main event will be. Reigns vs. Goldberg, Shayna Baszler vs. Becky Lynch, and Orton vs. Edge all have a case. Personally, a woman’s match main eventing would be fair, but Reigns’ moment has been a long time coming. The Universal Title is one that he never lost, as he was forced to relinquish the title due to leukemia. So in terms of impact, nobody’s title win will mean more.

McIntyre’s main event spot is basically sealed on Sunday night when he faces Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship, potentially completing his comeback to superstardom after leaving WWE in the middle of his professional wrestling career.

While McIntyre has every right to express his informed opinion, it was strange seeing him openly want two part-timers (yes, that’s where Orton is at now) to main event over “The Guy” in an even more important comeback match. And since McIntytre wants to be a top male star in the company, being extra careful with navigating media should be especially important to him. Vince McMahon and, moreso, wrestling fans put everything under a microscope.

Roman Reigns, however, handles everything with grace. Check out his response to McIntyre’s interview. The Big Dog doesn’t care about unimportant things like WrestleMania main events during a global pandemic. He cares about health, safety, his fans having both of those things, and the opportunity to wrestle and spread the love to his fans.

Notice how graceful Reigns was in centering the fans and what’s important, while not dragging McIntyre or insulting him in any way. McIntyre has a right to express his opinion as an accomplished wrestler and an independent contractor for WWE.

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But Reigns knows that the it’s most important to put the focus on the fans, their colleagues, and the safety of the public in tough times.

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