WWE: 10 hilarious gimmick matches to distract you from quarantine

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When you consider that WWE has been producing weekly content for nearly 30 years, the numbers will suggest some of that content would be hilariously bad. With the continued spread of coronavirus threatening the world, many of us are quarantined to protect ourselves and others.

While you could certainly spend some of your time reading, bettering yourself, or pursuing creative outlets, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little “garbage content” to distract yourself from everything that’s going on. One of the best ways to do that as a wrestling fan is to watch some of the most hilarious gimmick matches we’ve ever witnessed.

There are definitely more entries that could make it onto this list, but these 10 stood out as good (or bad) enough to provide some much-needed laughter right now.

10. Hardcore Match for the Vacant WWE Hardcore Championship: Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly (St. Valentine’s Day Massacre 1999)

Several matches in the history of the WWE Hardcore Championship are hilariously chaotic, but this is my personal favorite. Road Dogg was the WWE Hardcore Champion before this event, but had to forfeit the title due to injury.

In response, we got this clash between Al Snow and Hardcore Holly for the vacant title. The match took place at the Memphis Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee, which is right on the banks of the Mississippi River. That might seem like irrelevant information, but it wasn’t in this case.

The match started like most Hardcore Championship Matches, with the action spilling out of the ring and into the crowd. They worked their way through the backstage area before exiting the arena and fighting all the way to the banks of the Mississippi River.

During this clash, weapons seen included: a fire extinguisher, an iced tea pitcher, wet floor signs, trash cans, a payphone, ceramic floor tiles, mops, a wheelbarrow, a roll of metal fencing, a random stick found by a tree, and more. It’s a delightfully hilarious mess that Hardcore Holly and Al Snow gave their all for.

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