WWE: 10 WrestleMania events to watch for free on the Network

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With the announcement that all past WrestleMania events are now available free on the WWE Network, we take a look at 10 events you should take the time to watch.

With the continued spread of COVID-19 keeping more people home and WWE having to shift WrestleMania 36 to being a crowd-free event at the WWE Performance Center, they’ve taken another action to try and entice fans to check out the WWE Network. It’s not clear how long things will last, but multiple events and original content will be available free for a limited time.

WWE announced that every single WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, NXT TakeOver, NXT TakeOver UK, and more will all be available for free to anyone who creates an account. It’s important to note that making that account does not require you to sign up for a free trial and provide payment information. If you do provide that information, you’ll get full access to the WWE Network, but will be charged at the end of the trial if you haven’t yet canceled.

It’s a massive amount of content for fans to check out, but considering it’s WrestleMania season, and that this year’s won’t exactly be the usual WrestleMania, fans should definitely take this opportunity to check out some of the past installments. We’ve chosen 10 of the total 35 WrestleMania events to highlight, presented in no particular order. These aren’t necessarily the absolute 10 best, but they all include important matches and highlight over three decades of WrestleMania.

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