Becky Lynch fans still finding a way to celebrate WrestleMania 36 together

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WWE, Becky Lynch Photo Credit: /

Tomorrow is night one of WrestleMania 36 and most of us will be watching from the comfort of our couch.

While we can’t be together in the stadium or even at watch-along parties at bars and restaurants, wrestling has continued to bring us together over the last two months without an audience. We can assume that a lot of the talent will be watching WrestleMania 36 from their homes as well and watching fans’ reactions as it goes down on social media and other platforms. Without the fans in the arena, the have the distinct gratification of watching just like the fans do at home.

Luckily, in this day in age we have more options at our fingertips to enjoy the things we love with others. So, why should WrestleMania 36 be any different, we still have the power of digital connection and social media to bring us together? This WrestleMania will be a unique one, so why not watch it in a different way with other fans?

For The Deadlies aka Becky Lynch’s fandom, myself (@stephaniehypes) and Daynolin (@deadlydayno) will be having a video chat for Becky Lynch fans from around the world to video chat and watch WrestleMania together.

Becky Lynch has a high stakes match with the queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler which seems to pose the most unpredictable outcome to date. While Becky’s fans will be on edge for this match, they will be video chatting for the whole Saturday card for the showcase of the immortals.

On Saturday morning, we will tweet a post to see who is interested in joining. There will be a limit to how many people can join so the chat isn’t over capacity, and, of course, people can come and go as they need to.

We will be posting the rules of the video chat since we want to keep the experience positive and fun for all. For those who are interested, we will DM (Direct Message) you with a link to the video chat, that we ask is not shared.

If you are interested, please look out on our Twitter pages for more information Saturday, April 4, 2020, at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter. If all goes well on Saturday, there is a possibility we can do it on Sunday as well for night two. We look forward to enjoying WrestleMania 36 with you all and watching some uplifting entertainment together.