WWE: Charlotte Flair appearing on Raw and NXT would be ideal

Charlotte Flair was one of the biggest winners at WrestleMania 36, capturing the WWE NXT Women’s Championship in the opening match of Night 2.

The Queen, Charlotte Flair, continued her dominance at the Show of Shows, as she defeated Rhea Ripley in the first match of WWE WrestleMania 36’s second night to join Shayna Baszler as the only two-time NXT Women’s Champions in the prestigious title’s history.

Although the loss was disappointing for fans of Ripley who wanted to see “The Nightmare” pick up a massive win over one of the world’s best wrestlers, she looked great in putting a valiant performance in defeat, fighting off a knee injury – which is always the worst possible injury against Charlotte – in a killer match. She’ll be fine.

As for the NXT Women’s Championship, it’s become even more important in WWE with Charlotte as the champion. She is now the biggest star in NXT with her mainstream power, and since everyone knows she thrives in the spotlight and always has great matches on the biggest stages, fans will be excited to see who challenges her next. Will it be Io Shirai? And they’ll even be more excited about predicting who could beat her. (Bianca Belair is definitely the dream option.)

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, via WrestlingInc.com’s Marc Middleton, WWE plans on using Charlotte on both Raw and NXT going forward.

As long as Charlotte is paid significantly for the extra dates and is willing to make regular appearances on both shows, this is an ideal situation. She doesn’t have to appear on both Raw and NXT every single week, but appearances on both shows could help encourage fans to tune in on both Monday and Wednesday nights, crossing over an audience that may not normally watch NXT. Raw has much higher ratings than NXT, but that the gap could potentially be bridged by someone like Charlotte, who has a loyal fanbase in addition to mainstream cred.

Beyond that, Raw needs her star power. Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is the biggest star on the show, and Asuka and Shayna Baszler are notable names. Liv Morgan and Kairi Sane are women with breakout potential on Raw, too.

However, Charlotte’s presence is important on a three-hour Raw, and we’ve seen how much better weekly television is with her, especially when she’s in the ring. It would also be cool to see one of the many talented women in NXT on Raw, cutting promos (or throwing hands!) with Charlotte to promote their match on NXT that week – or even having that match on Monday.

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There are so many possibilities with Charlotte Flair as NXT Women’s Champion, and it would be best for WWE to do whatever they can to take full advantage of her star power in her second reign as the Black and Gold brand’s champion.

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