WWE Raw is about to find out why Bianca Belair is the bEST

Bianca Belair has greatness written all over her, and the rest of the WWE Raw roster has just been put on notice by her addition to Monday nights.

For months, fans have been speculating when Bianca Belair will make the jump from NXT to WWE Raw or SmackDown. Now, it’s official. The EST of NXT, Bianca proclaimed herself the “EST of WWE“, announcing on the Raw after WrestleMania 36 that she “goes here now”, in reference to a promo in which she said “you don’t even go here” to NXT UK Champion Kay Lee Ray.

At WrestleMania 36, Belair teased a future feud with Zelina Vega after Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins retained the Raw Tag Team Titles against the tag team of Austin Theory and Zelina-managed Angel Garza at ‘Mania.

On the following Raw after WrestleMania, Zelina tried to cheat to gift the tag titles to her client Garza and Theory. The referee apprehended her and threw out the match, but Zelina still found a way to kick Ford in the face.

Belair didn’t take too kindly to that, entering the arena and announcing that she’s now a part of the Raw roster, much to Zelina’s chagrin. And, of course, the EST immediately challenged Zelina to a match.

While a rivalry between Belair and Vega could be great, Belair should have her eyes on the Raw Women’s Championship. Becky Lynch isn’t done with Shayna Baszler yet, but Belair could quickly get a title opportunity. Lynch vs. Belair would be a dream match – championship or not – but there could be just as much interest in Belair finally defeated former two-time NXT Women’s Champion Baszler. After all, fans still haven’t forgotten how Belair was defeated twice by Baszler in title matches and would love to see her put the Queen of Spades in her place.

There’s no doubt that Belair has what it takes to be a top star on WWE Raw. Like, not just “a” star, but one of the biggest stars on the brand, on par with the likes of Lynch, Drew McIntyre, and Charlotte Flair – all of whom are currently holding championships.

Belair has yet to win a title in WWE, but her moment won’t be far off. She’s already made a big impact, stealing the show from two tag title matches by confronting Zelina and pushing the usual-manager into a match. And a great one at that before a disqualification ended things, creating a trios match.

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It’s amazing how quickly Bianca Belair has become a force to be reckoned with in WWE, and the company cannot deny her greatness. It’s clear, based on her incredible performance in this year’s Royal Rumble match, that they know what they have in Belair. For the uninitiated, they are about to find out why Belair is known as the bEST.

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