WWE Raw Predictions: The Beast Slayers Will Clash

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WWE Raw is set to take place on April 13, 2020 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT live on the USA Network with no audience in attendance. The following will preview and predict the major matches and segments that will occur on the longest weekly running episodic television show in history.

On this week’s episode of WWE Raw, there are no officially scheduled matches or scheduled segments. However, WWE Money In The Bank 2020 is coming up and there is bound to be MITB Qualifying matches on Raw, as was announced with Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro and Naomi vs. Dana Brooke from Friday Night SmackDown.

Also, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch are scheduled to be present for this episode of Raw. Their championship matches for WWE MITB 2020 could also be potentially set up, as was announced with Braun Strowman’s potential Universal Championship match with Bray Wyatt and Bayley’s potential SmackDown Women’s Championship match with Tamina from Friday Night SmackDown.

With that being said, it’s now time to preview and predict this week’s WWE Raw. To start things off, let’s predict what will happen between Bobby Lashley and Lana after their fallout from WrestleMania 36 when Lashley lost his match to Aleister Black.

5.) Bobby Lashley and Lana Split

After Lana screwed Bobby Lashley in his match against Aleister Black at WWE WrestleMania 36, it was clear that rifts were being drawn between him and Lana. In fact, Lashley even took the initiative to tell Charly Caruso in a backstage interview on last week’s Raw that he needs to find new management or a new wife.

With Rusev absent from WWE television, the married couple of Lashley and Lana does not work as well. Instead of finding a new wife, it is more likely that Lashley will find new management to help him regain his dominance on Monday Nights. Since the ship has sailed with Lio Rush, a TNA reunion with MVP could do the trick for Lashley.

This duo would help enlighten Lashley’s attributes and capabilities so that the WWE Universe remembers how great and dominant he truly is. With the many losses and lack of great moments Lashley has picked up since returning to the WWE, it’s easy to forget what he can bring to the table and MVP would make sure everyone remembers the tools Lashley has to dominate anyone on the WWE Raw roster.

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