AEW: Fantasy booking Matt Hardy’s Elite Deletion Match

With the prospect of an “Elite Deletion” match in AEW, here’s one way it could possibly go down between Broken Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho.

Due to COVID-19, wrestling promotions are being creative in how they still produce content and keep afloat. This has brought cinematic matches to the forefront, something many argue Matt Hardy pioneered during his “Broken” run in TNA.

Now that Hardy is in AEW, he has the opportunity to do things his way again, armed with possibly his most creative opponent, Le Champion Chris Jericho.

Let’s delve into my fantasy booking of the “Elite Deletirdgz

Expert Note: During the writing of this article, our contributor, Bassam Kaado, suffered an intense electrical shock from a shotty laptop. His recovery has been . . . interesting, as he may have some sort of amnesia. Regardless, he insisted on continuing the article.  

GREETINGS, FELLOW READERS! It is I, Bassam, and I have Returned to CONTRIBUTE to the DDT that occurs Daily. While writing this Booking of Fantasy for the World that orbits Professional Wrestling, I Endured an Electrical surging that has flowed through my Creative Circuitry, leaving it BROKEN.

I traveled with the Speed of thousands of Yottabytes and was able to communicate with the Entity known of DAMASCUS, Yeesssssssss. HE has given me insight on one of the potential Timelines for the meeting of Broken Matt Hardy and Le Hole of the A** Chris Jericho. This is how the Elite Deletion could be!

The Match

Imagine the HARDY COMPOUND seen from the beautiful skies, captured from the Watchful eye of VANGUARD 1. The Compound is empty, with one lone person standing outside. REVEAL! BROKEN MATT HARDY, Yesssssss. He stares off into the distance, where we see a white limousine that is stretched, pulling up to the Compound. Music is blaring from the vehicle, the tormenting sounds of JUDAS. The door opens to hear more clearly, and Le Hole of the A** Chris Jericho exits.

Jericho strolls toward Hardy as the Screeches of Judas begin to fade. Hardy eagerly awaits, focused as he harnesses the powers of DAMASCUS. Jericho laughs as he insults Hardy, calling him “stupid” and his hair “terrible.” He turns around to look at the limousine that is stretched, and, as his music finishes, he turns around to see that Hardy has vanished. Hardy teleported to the ring, standing next to a referee. Jericho is shaken but proceeds anyway.

The battle begins with a flurry of attacks by Matt Hardy as Jericho is taken aback. The Broken Offense is WONDERFUL, but the le Hole of the A** pulls a cheap shot strike the Nether Regions of Hardy. Jericho rolls out the ring and starts to retreat to the limousine that is stretched. He curses and is agitated, but he is INTERRUPTED.

Descending from the Skies like a Fallen Angel, the most loyal Allie of the Broken one, VANGUARD 1, cuts off the cowardly Breaker of Codes. Jericho enters a screaming match and throws an article of clothing at Vanguard, trying to get past him. Each direction he steps, VANGUARD 1 swiftly impedes his path, flying low to the ground. Frustrated, Jericho yells to RELEASE THE HOUNDS!

We cut to the limousine that is stretched, seeing the back door open. From the back seat, all of Jericho’s dogs run out towards the action. The Hounds gallop towards VANGUARD, who evades and evades. The two armies are at war, freeing the two competitors of distractions.

Hardy rushes towards Jericho, who intercepts him with a well-placed strike. The two move towards the front of the Compound, trading strikes. They encounter Weapons of their environment, like fallen logs sacrificed from the surrounding trees; pieces of the living world meant to warm Spirits. The beatings become brutal, but Hardy gains the upper hand. Jericho is frightened, crawling backward on the ground and rolling to avoid strikes from the fallen logs. He yells for help.

Hardy readies to strike him but hears music in the distance.

We cut to the limousine that is stretched, which can now be heard blasting the theme song of Sammy Guevara. He runs out towards Hardy, who has now tried his attention to the “Spanish God.” This gives time to the Le Hole of the A** to regain ground and deliver the lowest of blows to Matt Hardy. The two members of the Circle that is Internal gang up on the Broken one. We see close by them a Stack of Hay that has been organized. The Stack of Hay begins to VIBRATE. Finally, emerging from the Stack of Hay is a man, armed with a Pitchfork, Seńor Benjamin.

The Compound Champion swings his mighty Pitchfork to deter the two invaders. Seńor Benjamin curses at Guevara in Spanish, calling him a false god and a disgrace to his people. Jericho, who has fallen to the ground to avoid a swing, throws dirt at Seńor Benjamin. Temporarily distracted, the honorable Defender is on the receiving end of an Enziguri by Guevara. He falls while Guevara helps up Jericho, The two Circle that is Internal members celebrate and BELLOW with Laughter. They take turns throwing Insults and Kicking the poor man before Jericho looks down to where Matty Hardy was.

ALAS! Hardy has disappeared. Where can the man be?

BOOM! Shots are fired towards Jericho and Guevara. Fireworks SOAR in the air towards the two Backsides of Horses. Hardy laughs in the ring as the Compound is lit up. Jericho and Guevara rush towards the limousine.

They arrive at the vehicle, banging on the doors, yelling “Open the Door! We don’t have time” It opens. Jake Hager, Proud and Powerful  (Santina and Ortiz) exit the limousine that is stretched. The Fireworks have stopped, and now the Circle that is Internal charge at Matt Hardy. As they run, FIRE shoots from the ground, causing the members to hesitate and zig zag. Finally, they surround the ring. Hardy fights off a few of them, but eventually he is overwhelmed.

The Circle that is Internal are attacking, but Jericho stops them. Hardy is not there anymore. He has vanished again. BRILLIANT!

Not knowing where He is, the band of miscreants decide to approach the house of the Hardy Family. Jericho knocks on the door as they all laugh. They call out the names of REBECCA, MAXEL, WOLFIE, AND BARTIE.

We see a shot of Rebecca consoling her kids in a locked room with a few candles.

The Circle that is Internal continues to bang on the door, when, suddenly, the door opens. The five enter a darkened house with light only Emanating from candles.

They decide to split up: Jericho and Hager, Guevara, and Loud and Devourable. Guevara is looking for Rebecca and the kids, saying DESPICABLE things. Such HORRIBLE lies, like he will replace Hardy and be their new Daddy. We cut back and forth with Guevara making his way down a Corridor, and the family in fear. It seems like Guevara is getting closer, and then he sees a door more lit than the rest. Guevara smiles, pulls out his phone to start Streaming as he is Live from the Hardy Compound. He opens the door.

Rebecca and the children look on in horror, but their Expressions CHANGE. It is Revealed that CODY is at the door. He tells them that they will be safe and to come with him.

Guevara opens the door in front of him, and the room has more candles than the Corridor, but NO ONE is inside. Guevara is confused but then he hears A NOISE.

BAM! He is hit by the V-TRIGGER, YEEESSSS. Kenny Omega has come from the corner, and he picks up the Groggy Guevara to deliver the ONE-WINGED ANGEL!!! Omega is pleased with his work and says “Who’s your Daddy, now?”


We then see Loud and Devourable down another Hallway, being very Loud and very Delectable. BITE!! They are laughing and making noises, calling out the BROKEN BEETHOVEN of the World that orbits Professional Wrestling. They knock over some vases, some Antiques, while knocking on random doors. Suddenly, they hear footprints down the hall.

The two stop, look at each other, and rush down to see if they have found him. They come to a part of the Hallway where two doors are across from each other. They know the Sound came from here, but WHICH DOOR IS IT???

Both agree to open both doors at the same time on the count of Tres. UNO. DOS. TRES! The doors are opened, and Both Satina and Ortiz are met with a surprise SUPERKICK PARTY! The BUCKS OF YOUTH stand over the downed intruders, smiling. Nicholas looks at Matthew and says “See? I was ready to come back”

Finally, we cut to the last of the Circle that is Internal: Le Hole of the A** and Hager. The scenario is similar: dimly lit hallways leading to a multitude of doors. Yet, this one is Different, Yeeeesssss. One door at the end is very bright, as if an electric bulb of light was the source. “This MUST be where Hardy is!” Jericho exclaims as he stands behind Hager. Hager moves towards the door and opens it with Fury.

Revealed is a lounging chair that is being used by not Matt Hardy, but by Adam HANGMAN Page!! He is drinking a whiskey aged with secrets from the times of DAMASCUS. Page sees the Towering Hager and says “I heard you’re Well-Spoken.” Page finishes his drink, “Well, I don’t want to talk.” Page and Hager get into an Intense Skirmish and both go crashing into a table.

Jericho, watching from the Hallway, is Shocked at what happened. Then, all the Lights in the house TURN ON!! Each Room showing a FALLEN Member of the Circle that is Internal, finally back to Jericho. He turns around and sees MATT HARDY in the Hallway, flanked by the Referee. Jericho turns around and sees Cody and Matt Hardy’s family. Cody delivers the Cross Rhodes on Jericho. As he tries to get back up, he pulls on Rebecca to help himself to his feet. Rebecca DELIVERS a Knee to the Nether Regions of Le Hole of the A**. Maxel, Wolfie, and Bartie take turns SLAPPING the Invader. Finally, Matt Hardy PULLS Jericho up by his hair and delivers the TWIST OF FATE.

He goes for the pinfall: ONE, TWO, AND THREE!!

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BROKEN MATT HARDY HAS WON!! He Stands over his Opponent and says that “he has accomplished his goal to DELETE! (the lights showing Guevara turn off) DELETE! (the lights showing Proud and Powerful turn off), DELETE (finally the rest of the lights turn off).

WONDERFUL!! I hope you have enjoyed my Premonition!!


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