Heath Slater’s new ‘I Got Fired’ T-shirt is a must-get

Heath Slater was one of many wrestlers and producers released or furloughed by WWE this week, but he hasn’t lost his incredible sense of humor.

This week has been incredibly rough for professional wrestling fans, as WWE released a number of wrestlers and backstage personnel in order to keep up their profit margins during a pandemic. It’s been disheartening to see Vince McMahon’s cruel treatment of his independent contractors and employees during this time.

Long-time WWE superstar Heath Slater was one of the releases, and we can only hope the good-natured former Three-Man Band member lands on his feet once wrestlers are able to sign and perform again.

For now, wrestlers on the independent scene and now those released by WWE are trying to sell merchandise and do what they can at this time.

And if you’re looking to support Slater at this time, he’s got a fantastic T-shirt for you.

Pro Wrestling Tees (link to Slater’s section here) is THE place to go right now with so many wrestlers needing support from fans at this time.

And Slater’s new shirt is absolutely hilarious and genius.

We all remember Slater’s incredible SmackDown Tag Team Title run with Rhyno when the Blue Brand was kicking up again in late 2016. It was an incredible tag team run, and Rhyno helped Slater stay employed in kayfabe on SmackDown and win the titles for his kids. (And yes, he does have two kids in real life.)

“I Got Kids” was Slater’s slogan in WWE and ended up on a T-shirt. We also got a hilarious moment where he stepped up to Brock Lesnar and said “I got kids”, only to be met with a “I don’t give a s*** about your kids”.

And now, “I Got Kids” is “I Got Fired”. It’s a sad, awful reality faced by Heath Slater and so many others who had worked with WWE, but at least Slater is finding some humor in it and some way to make a great shirt out of it so fans can support him.

A four-time tag team champion and one-time 24/7 Champion, Slater first started working with WWE when he signed a developmental contract in 2006, eventually becoming a fan favorite.