Sarah Logan’s post-WWE future is worth getting excited about

Much like many WWE fans out there, I’m still reeling from what might be known as “Black Wednesday” in the land of pro wrestling for a very long time to come.

I’m still a little shocked by the releases made by the WWE of talented producers, referees, superstars, and others who have helped entertainment me over the years.

I’m not going to argue about whether or not any of this should’ve taken place; in a world of uncertainty right now, I’m at a loss to debate anything of that nature, and I’m also fatigued in general to find anything to express but positivity and hope.

With that, I do want to take this opportunity to place Sarah Logan in the spotlight. I can’t change the fact that WWE has released her, but hopefully I can sprinkle out some fan love to those who are sad about her leaving the company, and help share in the milestones she did achieve. Maybe this blog will find her somehow, and she can know just how one individual within the WWE Universe so loved and respected her.


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With my whole heart. Thank you.

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Let me start off by saying, I’m a huge fan of Sarah Logan’s (if you didn’t realize that already). I follow her on Twitter and Instagram (love her posts), and have been excited about what she has done in wrestling, and her future in this business.

I was also lucky enough to meet her last August during my VIP SummerSlam Meet and Greet experience; she was just as nice, down-to-earth, and humble as I expected her to be.

I was pleasantly surprised by Logan’s explosive debut, along with fellow members Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan, on the Nov. 21 edition of SmackDown in 2017.

It was refreshing to see a badass all-female faction hit the seen, and with Paige, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose debuting the night before on the Nov. 20 edition of RAW; it felt like something massive was in the air, and things seemed to be really changing and evolving in the land of women’s wrestling.

Was I a little taken aback by Logan’s quickie jump from NXT to the main roster? Kind of, but I dug her gimmick and how she fit so well with Riott and Morgan; their three dynamic personas just intertwined so well. It felt like three misfits that officials looked beyond to see a huge potential in.

Week after week, I grew to appreciate Logan’s enhanced mic skills, I connected with her character, and truly fell in love with Sarah’s wrestling style.

Moreover, I saw a beautiful bond unfold between the three Riott ladies that was captivating and endearing (whether they were heel or face) to watch. In many ways, I was rooting for these ladies along the way – all three – as a win for Ruby or Liv truly meant a win for Sarah (and vice versa, three ways).

So, I was sad when the WWE broke up the faction in 2019. In many ways, I felt the company and creative didn’t even attempt to scratch the surface with what Logan, along with Riott and Morgan, could accomplish as an all-female stable; however, I did feel that the glimmer of hope around all three women breaking out into singles action could be there.

I was wrong. WWE Creative massively dropped the ball on Logan and her incredible potential to be a rising star on the main roster and within the women’s division; especially when fans could truly see just how hard she was working on her character, mic skills, in-ring performance.

And now we are down to this week’s release.

I hate sounding cliched, but in an effort to also encourage and stay positive, sometimes what feels like the end is just really a new beginning. Sadly, with the COVID-19 pandemic, jumping to another promotion or even hitting the indies scene is challenging right now, because no shows are really going on, no arenas for live crowds, thanks to strict social distancing regulations worldwide.

But, what I will say is that when all this is said and done, I look forward to seeing what Sarah Logan does, and how she moves forward.

I want to see the new character gimmick she comes up with; to see her evolution in the ring; the milestones she hits; the championships she racks up; to be able to show her true potential both on a creative (and character scale), as well as a performer.

To, perhaps, see her star shine so bright elsewhere that we may see a return to the WWE? I just can’t wait to follow what this next chapter could bring for her, regardless of the story being told now.

As dark as the hour is currently, I see a bright future ahead for Sarah Logan, outside of the box the WWE placed her in, and blossoming to her full potential.

And I simply cannot wait to see what she does next.