WWE cannot erase Roman Reigns from television

WWE, Roman Reigns (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)
WWE, Roman Reigns (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage) /

WWE is reportedly refusing to say Roman Reigns’ name on television, and what a disgrace that is.

Roman Reigns, having masterfully just made a  REAL-DEAL-TOP-HEEL in Baron Corbin, was set to finally see his destiny in WWE  play out- and what happens?

The freaking PLAGUE hits us – or the novel coronavirus, I should say, except, it doesn’t hit all of us as badly as it hits others – in fact, within the confines of the WWE, it doesn’t seem to hit ANYONE like it hits Roman, who, due to his two altercations with leukemia has been left immuno-compromised and, should he set foot in the ring to claim his title he would be leaving his wife and budding family in a very precarious state.

So, one might suppose, Reigns holds an All-Time Number One Contendership Idol – like Survivor meets Money in the Bank – but, well, just…no.  In fact, quite to the contrary, Dave Meltzer and his Wrestling Observer reports that Reigns is not to be next in line – HE’S NOT EVEN TO BE SPOKEN ABOUT! [Hat tip to WrestlingInc.com’s Marc Middleton.]

Instead of silence, I do believe that a “thank you,” is in order.

Yes, indeed, a big, hearty, “thank you,” from Vince McMahon and every single one of his minions to Roman Reigns for saving the biggest show of the year (whether he participated within it or not), for enduring the sub-optimal writing he has been forced to suffer in the excess and in full from the past, and, most of all, for the valiant, selfless run he made that began in February of 2019 and is basically still ongoing.

In late 2018, when Roman relinquished his belt and stepped aside, we got a glimpse of who Joe truly is – and I mean that outside of a man scared for his life and his family.  For the first time possibly ever, Joe and Roman Reigns appeared at once, vowed to kick leukemia’s ass, and the world loved him for it.

Loved the HELL out of him for it.

Four months went by and like the Superman-ish character he was created to express, Joe and Roman showed up together on RAW again to let WWE, its stockholders, and its fans know Joe and Roman were standing tall, ready to take over again.

The crowd loved Roman with its entire heart over the next several months.  Hell, Roman’s main grudge, his main feud was with a guy who took “X-Pac” heat to new levels – now, I haven’t checked, but has it officially been replaced to “Baron Heat” or “Corbin Heat,” or the fanciest of all, “Baron Corbin Heat?”

Roman Reigns – it took a while, it did – but I would say, he gifted WWE with a real top heel.  A layered, believable one that doesn’t thrive on X-Pac heat.  I think Baron Corbin is respectable enough, because of Roman Reigns, that he could carry his own.

Then, he made Goldberg pay his dues with the Universe one more time, because there was no WAY Reigns was taking out The Top Face AND The Top Heel – AT THE SAME TIME at Mania – which is what The Fiend would have been.  He made Goldberg do it.  At Super Showdown.  Goldberg owed it to the universe of professional wrestling, didn’t he?  You agree, don’t you?  So, it was all set up:  Reigns takes back The Universe at Mania. From Goldberg.

Next. WWE is like Shakespeare?. dark

Health hazards – they cut Reigns down AGAIN though, didn’t they? Now, word on the street is that no one is supposed to mention Reigns’ name on WWE Programming??!  You mean the guy who made Baron Corbin a legitimate top heel? You mean the guy who WAS ALL-IN AND STILL waited patiently for WELL over a year for his comeuppance?  His REAL comeuppance???  The one where the fans would have cheered after the 1-2-3 at the end?!  He wasn’t even IN WrestleMania 36 and yet he possibly saved it?  The comeuppance that could have been last December or last June, we know.

You can’t say that guy’s name?

The guy you forced to be this figment of YOUR imagination – the guy the boys in the back all say deserves every BIT of success AND THEN MORE?

You can’t say his name, WWE?

“Roman Reigns.”

“Leati Joseph ‘Joe’ Anoaʻi.”



Say his name, again: for good faith and for doing something with righteousness.