Seth Rollins unveils new theme at WWE Money in the Bank 2020 (Video)

At WWE Money in the Bank 2020, Seth Rollins showed off new theme music during his entrance before a world title match with Drew McIntyre.

The rapid-fire drums, the angry guitar riff, and the trademark “Burn It Down” scream were all welcome elements of Seth Rollins’ theme song as a babyface, but it ws time for him to rock a new theme song as a heel. At WWE Money in the Bank 2020, The Monday Night Messiah unveiled a new song for his entrance.

It will take some getting used to this theme, but it follows the trademark of WWE shifting from exciting, get-behind-this themes to orchestral, ominous themes that are harder to either sing along to or get behind.

They did this with Bayley, and now Rollins has his operatic theme song.

In a way, an orchestral theme song fits Seth Rollins better than anyone else, as the voices seem to fit that of a warped false prophet who gives “sermons”.

The timing of the new theme was perfect, too, as Rollins debuted it when walking into his WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank against Drew McIntyre.

Rollins was already coming off a loss to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 36, so this was a huge match for Seth’s inflated ego. And McIntyre has been looking incredibly strong since his meteoric rise began in January.

As for the theme itself, it’s on the dry side, but we’ll get used to it and appreciate that it serves WWE’s purpose with themes for heels. And Rollins fans will still find a way to scream “Burn It Down” from the comfort of their own homes anyway, even if they’ll be disappointed his previous theme is gone.

Again, it all serves a greater purpose for Rollins’ villainous character on Monday Night Raw. And honestly? I think most WWE fans will come to enjoy this theme in a different way, too. It sounds epic, especially if he gets a wild WrestleMania 37 entrance with this theme.