WWE Money in the Bank 2020: 5 best moments from the main event

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Overall, the WWE Money in the Bank 2020 pay-per-view (PPV) was pretty solid, but that main event truly blew everything out of the park. It delivered entertainment and had many fans on the edge of their seats, almost to the point where most of us were sad to see it end!

The main event had action, suspense, and some high-flying spots; with a bit of comedic relief sprinkled in between. Yes, some incredible moments were spotlighted, and below are five of the best from the 2020 MITB ladder match main event (which were a challenge to narrow down).

Where’s Asuka?

Starting the MITB match off with a bang! While the male entrants of the match congregated at the WWE Headquarters’ official gym, the female superstars gathered in the entrance of the building, near the elevators.

Asuka’s music would hit, and while everyone waited with bated breath to see where the Empress of Tomorrow was, fans at home began to start wondering if the Asuka no-show meant something much deeper … did someone attack her? Would someone else be placed in her spot!?

Naw, none of that! She was simply hiding from the ladies above, waiting to start the match off with a bang. She leapt from the top of foyer bar, and the action began!

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