Wrestling: Erick Rowan has a new name and ‘genius’ merchandise

Erick Rowan was among the wrestlers cruelly released by WWE, and he’s ready for the next chapter in his pro wrestling career.

Wrestling fans know Erick Rowan as a man of many gimmicks.

He was one of Bray Wyatt’s brainwashed goons as a member of the Wyatt Family, moved on to a ridiculous tag team with Luke Harper called the “Bludgeon Brothers” (briefly dropping the “Erick” from his name), teamed up with Daniel Bryan as an evil but environmentally conscious genius, tried to murder Roman Reigns, and finally became obsessed with a mechanical spider.

Yeah, Vince McMahon put Rowan through the gauntlet of bizarre gimmicks before heartlessly releasing him during the COVID-19 pandemic. And he was reportedly trying to push Rowan months earlier.

In any case, Rowan is ready for what’s next in pro wrestling whenever the sport is able to resume, as he has a new name prepared.

He’ll be going by Erick RedBeard, and he has a new section up on Pro Wrestling Tees.

His merchandise looks quite good. This shirt has what looks to be his new logo, and the tombstone design on this one is also excellent.

But, of course, my favorite of these three new shirts is the one calling back to his old gimmicks in WWE. It’s called “Recycled”.

The shirt has the word “Recycled” in big letters up top with a circle below that has a sheep’s head at the center. (Wyatt Family callback). Around the sheep’s head in the circle are the words Spider, Brother, Firefly, and Genius.

All four words have to do with his past gimmicks. The spider refers to his strange pet he was keeping in a covered cage that Drew McIntyre destroyed. The “Brother” refers to his time as one half of the Bludgeon Brothers, the “Firefly” refers to the nickname of Wyatt’s followers, and “Genius” refers to his time as Daniel Bryan’s tag team partner.

Bryan would boast about how Rowan was the only other intellectual he knew, doing his best to save the planet. (And that’s where “Recycling” comes in, as a pun from that gimmick and the way his character was “recycled” by WWE!)