AEW: 5 recent WWE releases we’d love to see in All Elite Wrestling

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WWE has been releasing a lot of its talents as of late. AEW could capitalize by scooping up some tremendous ex-Superstars, but which ones?

AEW is no stranger to hiring former WWE Superstars. Well, really, no wrestling company has shied away (nor should they) from hiring talents who first made a name for themselves elsewhere. Not every wrestler has the luxury of being a homegrown talent.

After all, Steve Austin never would’ve had the chance to be “Stone Cold” in WWE without first gaining notoriety in WCW. Meanwhile, AEW mainstays like Cody Rhodes, AEW Champion Jon Moxley and even Kenny Omega first stepped foot in WWE years prior. The point is that AEW has picked up several of talents from WWE and now have the opportunity to add even more to their roster.

Of course, Black Wednesday – the day in which WWE released a horde of its wrestlers and staff – is still fresh in our minds. In th weeks since, as recently as this weekend, WWE have continued to be openly willing to release any talents who ask for their release or voice their displeasure with the company.

It’s still early to see any of these released stars make moves to other wrestling promotions – a process possibly made even more difficult to arrange in the middle of a pandemic – but while we await these next moves, we can’t help but imagine some of these former Superstars on an AEW stage. Here are some who would fit that stage perfectly.

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