AEW All Out: Predicting 5 possible opponents for Britt Baker

Britt Baker, injured, makes her entrance in a wheelchair (photo courtesy of AEW)
Britt Baker, injured, makes her entrance in a wheelchair (photo courtesy of AEW) /
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With Britt Baker promising to come off the shelf from injury in time for AEW All Out, let’s speculate who her opponent at the landmark event could be.

It’s official: the 2020 edition of AEW All Out is coming to a television set near you on Sept. 5 and you can bet that if she has anything to say about it, Dr. Britt Baker DMD will be there in action.

For those out of the know, to recap, it was on the May 20 episode of AEW Dynamite that she sustained a serious leg injury in a tag match where her opponents – Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida – launched her own partner – Nyla Rose – onto a prone and seated Britt Baker in the corner.

To no one’s surprise, having an entire person thrown on top of them did not make for a fun landing for Baker and she was injured. This coming mere days before the AEW Double or Nothing event, Baker’s scheduled match with Kris Statlander was cancelled.

However, on the next episode of Dynamite, Baker endured as the true “Roll Model” (her puns, not mine, I swear) she is by spinning onto the ramp in a wheelchair. While her promo – or should we call it a conspiracy lecture? as seen above – was mostly filled with incoherent ramblings (as most conspiracies tend to be), we did hear her loud and clear in saying that she will return in time for AEW All Out.

After having a big breakout year so far, Baker hopes to extend the breaking by breaking out of her wheelchair and back in the ring come September. But against who?

Honorable Mention: Kris Statlander – The story is there, but for one reason or another (mostly because stronger candidates), The Alien just barely made the cut. Sorry, Stat. Nothing personal.