3 NXT superstars that Charlotte Flair should face before leaving the brand

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Charlotte Flair’s time may be over in NXT already, but The Queen should put some superstars over before exiting. Here are some examples.

Charlotte Flair is now on Raw permanently after losing the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: In Your House to Io Shirai in a triple threat match involving Rhea Ripley. The Queen is no longer on the black and gold brand, but that doesn’t take away the fact that the 12-time women’s champion can still be a valuable addition to NXT.

The daughter of the two time WWE Hall of Fame Ric Flair, Charlotte knows the tricks of the trade and has the attributes to put people over. She ensured that NXT Women’s Championship was the talk of the town and in an attempt to attain it, she took the gold with her on every platform and show.

To some, a quick title loss so soon after winning it at WrestleMania may feel like it will hurt the title, but Io Shirai is a talented superstar who knows how to keep it rolling and we can already expect firecrackers this week on NXT.

While she is on Raw, it would be fitting if she came over to NXT just a few more times to fight off some superstars and put them over. Here, I list my ideal picks for your reading pleasure:

Xia Li

It may be a shocking pick to some, but Xia is one of the most talented superstars we have on the show. A match between her and the former NXT Women’s Champion wouldn’t harm anyone, because it would help Li showcase her skills in a better manner.

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