Ranking The Top 5 Wrestling Video Games

WWE 2K19 (Photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE 2K19 (Photo courtesy of WWE) /
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Throughout wrestling history, many exciting video games have been released.

Back in 1989, WWE (then WWF) changed the merchandising landscape for wrestling when they debuted their first video game; WWF Superstars. A simple arcade-style title that allowed fans to play as their favorite wrestlers, it was hard to imagine just how far the industry would evolve.

Since that time, there have been dozens of games released across a variety of different platforms. Although many games fall under the WWE banner, and not all of them are exclusive to the global juggernaut.

Outside of WWE, TNA: Impact, Backyard Wrestling, and the classic ECW Gameboy titles are just a few of the many games to have been released by outside parties. Each of these games added something new to wrestling, and in turn helped to develop its popularity among gamers.

However, time and time again, WWE has showcased a clear lead in quality when it comes to console-based entertainment. Which video games stand out above the rest? It’s time to turn back the clock and find out.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and rank the top five greatest wrestling video games of all-time.