Five of the best independent wrestling promotions today

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Independent wrestling continues to be the proving ground for some of the most talented men and women throughout the world of professional wrestling.

Independent wrestling offers some of the best live action packed events, featuring groundbreaking wrestlers pushing the boundaries of what can be done inside of a wrestling ring. Indy wrestling leaves the fans wanting more while smashing old standards regarding race, size, and gender within the wrestling business.

Thanks to the help of social media, Youtube and online streaming services, independent wrestling can be consumed more than ever before. Most of all the Independent wrestling scene should be here forever as a place for wrestlers and staff to gain understanding of the wrestling  business while showcasing some of the most on the edge talent and creativity in all of wrestling.

So without any more hold up, join us as we highlight the best five independent wrestling promotions right now based in the states.

Honorable Mention – EVOLVE Wrestling

As the rumors start to fly in regards to the future of EVOLVE, one thing that is certain is that the promotion has always been a staple of the independent circuit responsible for plenty of wrestling careers flourishing.

In 2019, during their 10th anniversary celebration event, EVOLVE Wrestling would move ahead in opening another chapter by making history as the first and only indy wrestling promotion to be aired on the WWE Network.

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