WWE: Sasha Banks and Bayley are the workhorses wrestling needs right now

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /

Sasha Banks and Bayley’s work on WWE TV has proven to be a beacon of light for the wrestling community in during a time it’s hardest to be a fan.

I’m going to keep it strictly a buck for a second: wrestling sucks right now. The last few months, the wrestling community was rocked with WWE firing/furloughing many of our favorite wrestlers, certain wrestlers have doubled down on MAGA beliefs that not everyone agrees with, and of course, this weekend’s #SpeakingOut movement exposed some real pieces of trash who work on the wrestling scene. And may continue to work in it when it’s all said and done.

In short, it’s hard to find the stomach to watch or even like wrestling these days.

The only – for lack of a better phrase – beacon of light to come out of this week was Sasha Banks and Bayley, who went the extra mile in performing on every single WWE program this week. They successfully defended their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at Backlash and the following NXT, along with making appearances on Raw and SmackDown.

Banks and Bayley’s dynamic yielding entertaining results shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone by now, but this week in particular, that dynamic held a stronger, more necessary weight to it. It didn’t dawn on me just how important their presence on television was until the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Reading the room based on social media alone, it was a grim atmosphere heading into the episode, as Friday was the day where the Twitter TL became flooded with so many different abuse stories told by brave victims all day long.

It became overwhelming after a while and it was hard for SmackDown regulars to get excited for the blue brand’s content. It certainly didn’t help that the show opened with the debut of Matt Riddle, who he himself was included in allegations made that day. 

All these things are why some fans opted to skip SmackDown altogether and why some fans like myself who felt compelled to watch regardless ended up tuning most of the show out; feeling numb to its content.

But for a brief moment, a smile overcame my face when Sasha Banks and Bayley shared banter on my screen. Despite being severely bummed out mere moments earlier, I couldn’t help but laugh as they trade jokes and one-liners. I even found myself compelled as The Boss battled Nikki Cross.

Above all else, I was entertained and judging by social media, I wasn’t alone. That says a lot to the special talents of Sasha Banks and Bayley that they were capable of still putting smiles on faces during a trying time.

It reminded me why wrestling is still so important to so many people. Why it offers a solace to so many fans during dark times. As someone whose quickly losing their own love for wrestling themselves, it’s interesting to me that so many people can even have a stomach for the stuff.

I say all of this to not only shed some appreciation in Sasha Banks and Bayley’s way for the work they put in during the last week, but to encourage readers out there not to give up on wrestling. Not yet.

There are a lot of dirtbags on the wrestling scene who are now currently and deservedly getting phased out as each one gets exposed each day, but there are still good ones out there, however few there may be.

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From everything I’ve heard about Sasha Banks and Bayley over the years, they’re two of the good ones and the good ones still need your support as fans.