WWE NXT Great American Bash full card predictions: Rhea Ripley joins the Robert Stone Brand

WWE NXT, Rhea Ripley Credit: WWE.com
WWE NXT, Rhea Ripley Credit: WWE.com /
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When WWE NXT Great American Bash airs across the next two weeks, could Rhea Ripley join the Robert Stone Brand? Who wins all the belts between Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole. Let’s make some predictions.

WWE NXT Great American Bash will serve as a two week event that offers a PPV quality card at the price of two episodes on free TV. Wonder where they got that idea from …

In any case, let’s run down which matches we should expect to see over the course of two weeks and, for funsies, let’s predict who wins in each match.

Roderick Strong vs. Dexter Lumis – Strap Match

Poor Roddy. I say “Poor Roddy” because this is a match that has to be made for him to get beat the hell up. Not just beat up and whipped to smithereens, but he’ll be selling like a madman for, well, a madman.

Since he’s too afraid to confront his fears of Dexter Lumis head on, he’ll be force to combat them – and him – while tied to the man via a long, giant strap. This could go one of two ways: Strong conquers his fears for once and overcomes Lumis in an upset, or he gets beaten like a government mule. And since he’s a cowardly heel who can sell really well for a new rising star, the latter sounds more likely.