NXT Great American Bash Night 1 Results, Highlights, and Grades

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by David Caird/Newspix/Getty Images)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by David Caird/Newspix/Getty Images) /
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Rhea Ripley vs. Robert Stone and Aliyah

Result: Rhea Ripley submits both heels

Grade: B-, This match was hilarious, which was exactly the purpose it served. Don’t overthink it. But if you don’t like comedy matches or watching Rhea Ripley destroy wrestlers, then this isn’t for you.

Robert Stone is absolutely ridiculous. He came out in full boxing gear, even wearing goggles and a mouthguard to face Rhea Ripley. And better yet, he wanted to start the match, putting on some fake macho show complete with a ludicrous boxing stance. And all Ripley could do was laugh. As you’d expect, Stone got owned in seconds.

By the way, Beth Phoenix had the line of the night by calling Stone a walking human Ponzi scheme!

Aliyah did get things started at a quick pace for her team, hitting Ripley with some fast offense that even sent the former NXT Women’s Champion reeling. But she tried to go to the well too many times, getting beat by Ripley’s raw power.

There were some brief miscommunications between Aliyah and Stone, too, which is definitely on Stone since he needs to take a backseat for his client who is the actual competent wrestler here. (OK Robbie E was a former tag team champion in Impact Wrestling, but kayfabe it with me here…)

Ripley started to turn it up to 11, smashing the heels with clotheslines and showing the dominance that made her NXT Champion in December.

Stone tried to go for a roll-up, failed miserably, and then put both Stone and Aliyah in submissions. They tapped out, QUICKLY I’ll tell you. Ripley wins. Duh.