AEW: EC3 dropped every single reference he could to tease a move

AEW Credit: All Elite Wrestling
AEW Credit: All Elite Wrestling /

Wrestling fans now that EC3 has a lot to give to a promotion on the mic, and AEW continue to look like a logical landing spot.

EC3 never had a chance on the WWE main roster. Although he wasn’t one of NXT’s best wrestlers inside the ring, his charisma and promo skills made it seem like he had a huge amount of potential in the world’s largest wrestling promotion. He competed for NXT’s North American Championship, but the only titles he won in the “E” were four 24/7 Titles.

The Top One-Percenter was among WWE’s cruel cuts in April, and he’s been posting excellent promo videos on social media ever since, hyping up his next move. Fans have been speculating about a return to Impact Wrestling, but AEW looks like the best bet.

In his most recent video, which was uploaded to Facebook (his tweet of the video included a little shot at Twitter), EC3 cut a promo filled with references to All Elite Wrestling. I’ll provide a little tally of the ones I caught, but there’s a chance I probably missed a few. And hat tip to’s Robert Gunier for the transcription. 

  • “We are living in an American Nightmare
  • “Maine to So Cal, uncensored
  • “it feels like you’re in the jungle, boy!” (Or it was a shoutout to Axl Rose?)
  • “You fear the revolt
  • “You feel like you’re left out to hang, man
  • “The natural state of things has fallen into this dark order
  • “like a gear in a f’n machine
  • “you keep your inner circle small, you do not have best friends
  • “it doesn’t matter if you’re an old man or a young buck
  • “You stand tall, exalted
  • “You rise like a phoenix, you carry yourself with moxie, and seal it with a sunny kiss
  • “you throw it into the library
  • “There is no omega when you are an alpha
  • “You are more than elite

OK so that’s nearly 20 references to AEW in his promo, and while most of the references are obvious, a few of them are subtle enough (Fenix, Brian Cage) that they were fun to “catch”.

Of course, EC3 loves trolling fans and teasing things, so he could just be name-dropping AEW talent in another one of his fiery promos as a way of throwing people off. His non-compete clause ends before Slammiversary on July 15, so he could show up at one of Impact Wrestling’s two biggest Pay Per Views of the year.

dark. Next. Get ready for the AEW Puppy Battle Royale

Nevertheless, it’s been enjoyable watching EC3’s creative and intense promos again. He sure has a way with words.