NXT Great American Bash Takeaways: Sasha Banks vs. Asuka just got bigger

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images) /
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Sasha Banks and Io Shirai lived up to the hype at NXT Great American Bash.

NXT Great American Bash featured an incredible main event between Sasha Banks and Io Shirai that will end 2020 on the Match of the Year shortlist. But it wasn’t the only great match that built future angles on the show.

Here are five takeaways from the first night of WWE‘s Great American Bash.

Dexter Lumis still haunts the Undisputed Era

Dexter Lumis and Roderick Strong fought in a Strap Match in the second hour of NXT Great American Bash, and it was a solid match. Strong and Lumis, as expected, went with a long, psychological match that was fought at a slow pace with a few energetic bursts. And in those bursts, it looked like Strong could win. He hit two major moves – an Olympic Slam on the floor and one of his brilliant superplexes.

But in the end, Lumis used the strap to win via submission, silencing the former North American Champion. Lumis still haunts Strong and the Undisputed Era, and he’s not going away from the main event scene any time soon. NXT seems to be heavily invested in Lumis, who is slowly gaining admirers with his character work. How can you not love that blank stare of his?