WWE SmackDown Predictions: Bayley revisits an old rival

WWE SmackDown, Bayley (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)
WWE SmackDown, Bayley (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images) /
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5.) Shorty G vs. Riddick Moss (w/Mojo Rawley) [Brand-to-Brand Invitational Open Challenge]

Since returning to WWE television, Shorty G has only defeated two different superstars: Cesaro and Mojo Rawley. While Cesaro had a problem with Shorty G after eliminating each other in an IC Title Tournament Battle Royal, Mojo Rawley made fun of Shorty G’s height, which generically sparked their rivalry.

Shorty G has already defeated Rawley multiple times now, so it’s now time to find some fresh competition. It might be difficult to recall this, but Mojo Rawley introduced Riddick Moss to the main roster assumedly due to their common interests in football. Since he and Rawley are on the same page, Moss could use the brand-to-brand invitational rule to jump over to SmackDown.

Moss is a Raw superstar who has not been used since he lost the 24/7 Championship in March to R-Truth. Battling Shorty G with Mojo Rawley at ringside on SmackDown would bring Moss back into the spotlight that he craves.  Nonetheless, Shorty G should win this match to further prove that his victories are neither flukes nor upsets.

Will he use this momentum to get a title opportunity? Perhaps he will soon get an IC title shot against AJ Styles on the blue brand, but WWE’s booking still indicates that Shorty G’s push is pyrrhic yet directionless.

Prediction: Shorty G