These new WWE shorts are unintentionally hilarious

WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)
WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images) /

WWE has a new collection of shorts, and some of them are ridiculous.

Wrestling fans love buying merchandise to support their favorite wrestlers, and WWE Shop often has a great selection of shirts, jackets, and more so that Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns, and Naomi fans, for example, can show WWE how loved these wrestlers are.

So the company tries to come up with new ways to sell merchandise and make a profit, but many of their ideas lead to some hilarious missteps. And the latest error is in their line of shorts.

Most of the shorts themselves are fine, but they all share the same pattern of having a wrestler’s catchphrase or name emblazoned across the front of the shorts. And that’s fine for “The New Day” or “The Usos”.

But we start getting into dangerous territory when the front of your trunks say “Yowie Wowie!” or “Ohhhhhh Yeah!”. Even “Raise Some Hell!”, “Wooooo!”, and “Shock The System!” are cutting a little close for comfort.

I mean would you really want to where any of those shorts in public? I’m not so sure about that, because it’s somewhere on the spectrum of ridiculous to outright inappropriate.

Wrestling merchandise should go beyond shirts with poorly-designed graphics or fronts slapped across cheap fabric in one solid color, and there’s plenty of room for shorts and leggings, as in this collection. And the leggings, to be honest, look awesome.

The shorts with the catchphrases across the front? Those are a big miss in an unintentionally funny way. As my colleague Bryan Heaton tweeted, you don’t want to be the person with “Yowie Wowie” written across their junk, right?

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That said, The New Day shorts look awesome. The baby blue and the pink mesh togetherly perfectly and make for some unique shorts all while representing the greatest faction in WWE history (don’t fight me on that!). But no, I won’t be considering the Macho Man shorts anytime soon. I’ll stick with this classic shirt instead.