WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: The greatest tribute ever

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /
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John Morrison vs. Matt Riddle

Result: Matt Riddle rolls up John Morrison

Grade: A-, The actual wrestling in this match was incredible, mostly from John Morrison. This is the best he’s looked yet. 

King Corbin warned Matt Riddle that as part of making his life miserable on WWE SmackDown, he would have to be ready for a match at a moment’s notice. He made it seem like he would be the one to get in the ring with Riddle, but, of course, he had someone else in mind, John Morrison.

And guess who was on commentary? King Corbin. At least it brought up the continuity moment where Michael Cole brought up that he almost ran Raw into the ground. Corey Graves came to Corbin’s defense for Cole’s “verbal assault”, and, yes, it was another ridiculous moment.

The in-ring action was quite smooth to start with. It’s so easy to forget how good John Morrison is, especially when he has a competent dance partner.

Morrison’s strikes and agility were on display, and he showed great power to get out of some dangerous submission from the King of Bros. But Riddle showed his own power, too.

Then, Morrison went for a kick, and Riddle expertly countered it into a nasty ankle lock. But Morrison created some breathing room with a springboard kick.

Morrison continued to hit some killer moves, even a corkscrew crossbody! Then again, I’d prefer him to lose so I don’t have to hear Graves call him “Johnny Drip Drip” every other minute on commentary.

Riddle and Corbin’s rivalry continued as well, with Riddle suddenly throwing his flip-flop at the King on commentary.

Morrison’s kicks and fakeouts were devastating, and he hit another big power move for a two count, with Riddle continuing to do everything he can to kick out. Riddle quickly put in the Bromission, but Morrison was able to use his strength and somehow climbed to the middle rope with Riddle on his back. Riddle’s kick out and sell from the standing spanish fly was even better! And both The Miz and Corbin sold it with their reactions as well! You could hear Corbin yelling, “How is he doing this!”

It looked like Riddle had the win after a wonderful counter and a vicious knee strike, but Morrison showed his own resiliency with a huge kickout. But Riddle did end up picking up the “upset” win, via an even more devastating move. The roll-up.

Ahead of IC Title match, AJ Styles tried to get some revenge on Riddle for beating him in the past, and a brawl broke out when his challenger tonight, Drew Gulak, got some shots in on Styles.