WWE Raw Predictions: Dolph Ziggler Will Ban The Claymore

WWE, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode Credit: WWE.com /
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1.) What Will Be Dolph Ziggler’s Stipulation?

On last week’s Raw, Drew McIntyre told Dolph Ziggler during the double-duty contract signing that he can choose the stipulation for their WWE Championship match at WWE Extreme Rules 2020. Instead of handing Ziggler a choice of stipulation, it would have been better booking if Ziggler earned that choice in the patented “Beat The Clock Challenge.”

Nonetheless, Ziggler will select the stipulation on either next week’s Raw or go-home show week, and he did promise to get in McIntyre’s head. Instead of picking a basic stipulation like a ladder match or steel cage match, a great way to get in McIntyre’s head is by banning McIntyre’s most effective and dangerous finishing maneuver, just like he did to Edge’s Spear in 2011.

Indeed, Ziggler should ban the Claymore. This means that McIntyre would lose the WWE Championship to Ziggler if he ever uses the Claymore in their WWE Championship match at WWE Extreme Rules 2020. This will not only play mind games with McIntyre but also force him to reach down deep in his arsenal for a maneuver as effective as the Claymore, such as the Future Shock DDT, Glasgow Kiss, or even a new submission hold, to finish off the resilient Ziggler.

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Since McIntyre wins all of his matches by pinfall, a new submission hold would be a neat addition to McIntyre’s arsenal and help push McIntyre beyond his limits as a fighting champion. This stipulation will challenge McIntyre, add more variety to his arsenal, and most importantly make the end results of his championship matches more unpredictable in the future, whether they end by pinfall or submission.

Prediction: The Claymore is Banned