WWE Extreme Rules 2020: 3 stipulation matches for Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler

WWE, Dolph Ziggler (Photo by Patrick R. Murphy/Getty Images)
WWE, Dolph Ziggler (Photo by Patrick R. Murphy/Getty Images) /
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No Claymore allowed

Remember when Dolph Ziggler won the world championship briefly because Edge used the Spear when the Spear was banned? My colleague Mark Justice came up with the idea of Ziggler choosing to ban the Claymore Kick in their match at WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

Ziggler told Drew McIntyre in his eery, low voice that allowing the Show-Off to choose the stipulation to their WWE Title match would be the end of McIntyre’s reign. Clearly, he’s going to go outside the box and pick a stipulation that will give him a massive advantage.

And that’s exactly what he needs. It’s, again, hard to believe Ziggler has any sort of a chance against McIntyre. Whereas Bobby Lashley is world championship material and a decorated athlete and Seth Rollins is the most strongly-booked wrestler in the company, Ziggler barely won going into his trade to Raw and is presented as an over-the-hill leech. (McIntyre, as he pointed out, was one of the people Ziggler prominently leeched off of.)

Banning the Claymore would seem like an evening of the odds and would force McIntyre to dig deep into his reservoir to defend his title before SummerSlam. It could also lead to some more creative moves and moments from McIntyre, who would be increasingly desperate and maybe even would have a moment in the match where he considers using the Claymore regardless.