WWE Extreme Rules 2020: 3 stipulation matches for Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler

WWE, Dolph Ziggler (Photo by Patrick R. Murphy/Getty Images)
WWE, Dolph Ziggler (Photo by Patrick R. Murphy/Getty Images) /
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Steel Cage Match

But maybe Dolph Ziggler has ambitions and morals despite being a heel whom everyone, Drew McIntyre included, thinks is the kind of person who will get ahead at any cost. Two years ago, McIntyre ended his feud with Ziggler by destroying him in a steel cage match; he absolutely embarrassed the No Mercy 2016 hero.

@WrestleNews_, in response to Mark’s article suggesting Ziggler ban the Claymore as the stipulation, stated that he feels a steel cage match would be the ideal stipulation for Ziggler to pick given his past losses in steel cage matches. In addition to that prominent loss to McIntyre that is especially relevant in this WWE Championship feud at WWE Extreme Rules 2020, Kofi Kingston defeated Ziggler during their rivalry in a steel cage match last June.

Ziggler is a former world champion and one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions in recent memory. He used to be a big deal in WWE, and he’s still good enough that he can somewhat hang around in the main event scene when called upon. While Ziggler is a heel and a self-aggrandizing jerk in character, he’s also prideful. If anything, he overestimates his own ability chronically, which lines up with the same fatal flaw he always had as a babyface.

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Perhaps Ziggler’s ego and desire to prove himself as being better than McIntyre will lead him to choose a steel cage match at the stipulation. And he may even have another trick up his sleeve, attempting to get Robert Roode (or someone else) to help him escape first. In the end, though, he will get embarrassed again by McIntyre.