WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Predictions: The Fiend makes his return

WWE, The Fiend, Bray Wyatt Credit: WWE.com
WWE, The Fiend, Bray Wyatt Credit: WWE.com /
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Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio

Seth Rollins is intent on making Rey Mysterio “a sacrifice for the greater good” of Monday Night Raw, but he’s in for another brutal loss. The Kingslayer has been making Mysterio’s life miserable, even as he’s tried to recruit his son Dominick over to his side.

It’s difficult to predict this match, because Rollins vs. Mysterio is a long-term storyline on Raw. So while the feud has the intensity that fits a gimmicked match at the Pay Per View, will WWE want to go that route for something that isn’t the blow-off match? Because the end result will probably be Mysterio going over at SummerSlam, unless he really is retiring.

I have a feeling Mysterio wins, but we’re getting a DQ finish and then Rollins getting beaten up after the result.

Prediction: Rey Mysterio wins by DQ

Randy Orton vs. Big Show

Whereas Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio is a heated rivalry match that has been built up well on Raw and should be highly-anticipated despite not having a title on the line, everyone knows Randy Orton vs. Big Show is filler to give Randy something to do while Edge recovers from a torn triceps.

But I think Orton and Show can make it work. They are two of the most prolific wrestlers in WWE history and have the experience and star power. I was shocked, but, based on the YouTube video views, people are into what Show is doing.

Orton is winning, obviously, but it will be interesting to see how the match is laid out.

Prediction: Randy Orton