WWE Raw Results and Grades: Three can’t-miss returns and a dream match

Impact Wrestling, Heath (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)
Impact Wrestling, Heath (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images) /
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Bayley and Asuka had a champion vs. champion match that left everyone talking on WWE Raw.

Dolph Ziggler got out of announcing his stipulation and brought an old friend along with him. Sasha Banks had another dream match. Kevin Owens returned. Seth Rollins caused some more mayhem. It’s safe to say, this was an action-packed episode of WWE Raw.

Dolph Ziggler announces the stipulation

Grade: A+, So Dolph didn’t actually pick his stipulation (surprise, surprise), but we got something even better. Heath Slater’s promo is well worth watching. And not just once.

Drew McIntyre kicked off WWE Raw to hype up his upcoming WWE Title match against Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules. His whole point is that no matter the stipulation Ziggler picks, he’ll still be champion in the end. No matter how ridiculous the stipulation is. And he called out Ziggler to come out and say what the stipulation will be.

Ziggler came out and said that the stipulation will be a secret, because he doesn’t want to give McIntyre any advantage at Extreme Rules. Fair, right?

When McIntyre brings up that he’s WWE Champion, Ziggler says that he has an even more impressive resume, noting that McIntyre had a blank in his resume from 2014 to 2017. That, of course, didn’t deter McIntyre, who brought up something more pertinent – that McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar and the Big Show back-to-back.

But Dolph has one more surprise for McIntyre…another person who he says McIntyre stabbed in the back before he became champion.

Heath Slater is here!!!

Slater said he and McIntyre go wayyyy back and have more history between each other than anyone else. He recalled crying when McIntyre beat Lesnar, and he cried tears of joy because of his love for his friend. Slater remembers calling McIntyre everyday when the latter was released, but he says that Drew has never talked to him when he was released.

His goal? A match. He wants a match with the friend who forgot him, and he slapped McIntyre in the face to press him into giving him one. As you’d expect, McIntyre accepted.

When the two had the match, McIntyre beat Slater in mere seconds with a Claymore. Disappointing.

After the match, Slater and Ziggler got into a fight, but McIntyre came out to chase Ziggler off. Both McIntyre and Slater had a hug of respect afterwards when Heath realized that Ziggler was manipulating him the whole time.