WWE Raw Results and Grades: Three can’t-miss returns and a dream match

Impact Wrestling, Heath (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)
Impact Wrestling, Heath (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images) /
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Asuka vs. Bayley

Result: Asuka pins Bayley

Grade: A+, Advanced the Nikki Cross vs. Bayley rivalry as well. An incredible main event that overdelivered amidst the hype. These are two of the best wrestlers on the planet in tremendous title reigns. Watch this!

This is the main event and the match we’ve all been waiting for! Bayley vs. Asuka! Champion vs. Champion! It all started with security not doing its job and annoying Nikki Cross, who was simply there to enjoy the commentary team and further things, since she’s going to face SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley at Extreme Rules.

The match started with Bayley taking some shots at Asuka with her back turned, but the SmackDown Women’s Champion found it difficult to control the technical and agile Asjka like she does her other opponents. Asuka went for an armbar early, but Bayley got out of the ring and hit a big knee. Bayley taunted Cross, but security stopped her from creating a DQ. They then hauled Cross out of the arena.

Bayley was desperate to finish the match early, as she kept going for pins no matter how little damage had actually been done to the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. It was tough to find an advantage in this back-and-forth match between two of the best wrestlers in the company, but the Golden Role Model was finally able to ground Asuka.

After Bayley made the mistake of missing with a running dropkick, Asuka regained the advantage with some great strikes.  During the match when Bayley won the advantage back, she went on the commentary chair Cross had occupied and put on the headset to start bragging, with Sasha egging her on.

It’s awesome watching Bayley’s heel work in action. She kept talking trash while hitting Asuka in the face, boosting her own confidence as she dominated the Raw Women’s Champion. She kept trying to rub her elbows on Asuka’s face during and after covers.

But Bayley made the mistake of mocking Asuka, who grew more powerful with each insult before hitting a comeback with furious strikes. Sasha Banks started to look worried, saying “don’t give up” to a stumbling Bayley.

Asuka went for a Hip Attack after gaining so much momentum, but Bayley caught her in the ropes. But moments later, Asuka may have hit an even bigger move with a WICKED spinning backfist! And THEN Asuka hit a hip attack!

Bayley hit a crushing blow of her own later in the match, nailing Asuka into the barricade with a running knee. But instead of immediately capitalizing, she decided to yell at Kairi Sane and hit her with a cheapshot. Sane was upset and tried to get revenge, but the ref missed Sasha Banks then helping Bayley hit Asuka. But Asuka kicked out!

The heel duo started taunting Asuka, and then Banks ran over to give Bayley some water as a “break”. Bayley then splashed her with some water, but she jumped back in surprise when Nikki Cross appeared in the glass!

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The distraction from her future title opponent led  her to go into the Asuka Lock! Bayley tried to counter it the same way Sasha did last week in the mixed tag match, but Asuka countered it back into the Asuka Lock! Sasha tried to stop the hold, but Kairi Sane Intercepted her!

And in the end, Asuka got the pinfall victory, rolling up Bayley for a huge win!