WWE Raw Results and Grades: Three can’t-miss returns and a dream match

Impact Wrestling, Heath (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)
Impact Wrestling, Heath (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images) /
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Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy

Result: Rey Mysterio wins, gets to pick stipulation at Extreme Rules

Grade: A-, Great tag team match with lots of tension and strong heel work from Seth Rollins, who kept trying to bate the babyfaces into a DQ.

Rey Mysterio and Murphy started the match, and Mysterio was unsurprisingly on fire in his first match since being medically cleared to compete. The wrestling legend sent Murphy sprawling on the outside, but it didn’t take a long time before he needed to kick out of a surprise roll-up and bring Kevin Owens into the match.

Again, it’s wonderful to see Owens wrestling. The former Universal Champion looked plenty motivated in this physical matchup, too, bringing in some heavy strikes as he taunted Rollins on the outside.

Seth Rollins then tagged in to the match to face his familiar foe, Owens, whom he once feuded with for said Universal Title. The Monday Night Messiah and KO brought the action back outside the ring, with the Prizefighter using the ring apron to his advantage.

When Mysterio and Murphy came back in, the action returned to a fast, high-flying pace, though Murphy was able to dodge an early 6-1-9. Mysterio and Rollins had a brief interaction, which gave Murphy enough time to gather his breath. Murphy thought about going after Dominick instead, but Owens made sure to protect the young man.

It didn’t last, as KO was hit from behind by Rollins, who tauned Dominick and then went after his eye! Owens and Mysterio quickly went to tend to the young Mysterio at the break. Credit to Dominick for not falling for the bait and hitting Rollins, because that would have been a DQ win for the heels, allowing them to pick their stipulation.

Owens was selling his ankle injury against Rollins in the corner, but he was still able to dodge some big moves before hitting a superkick…yet he did more damage to himself and his ankle on that superkick!

Mysterio got the hot tag and started wiping out Murphy immediately! Rollins grabbed Dominick to stop Mysterio from getting the win with a 6-1-9, but then Aleister Black showed up. Rollins begged Black to get the DQ, but just as the ref was distracted, Dominick got Murphy’s eye as revenge! Mysterio took advantage with a 6-1-9 and frog splash for a big babyface win!

The stipulation he picks? An Eye for an Eye match! It will be exciting to see what that entails!