Impact Wrestling: 3 Reasons Why Deonna Purrazzo should win at Slammiversary

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /
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It’s time for a change

If there is one criticism I could levy against Impact Wrestling as a whole in their current era it’s that they book their champions so incredibly strong that it’s hard to believe that they will be beaten.

In the company’s defense, this booking style does lend for incredible moments like when Jordynne beat Taya Valkeryie clean in the middle of the ring snapping the longest title reign in Impact history. But until those moments happen it makes their week to week challengers look a bit soft.

For example, look at the current tag team champions The North. They recently (July 5th) crossed one year as the tag team champions in Impact Wrestling and there are no current teams that could believably take the titles away from them. So much so that their challengers at the biggest show of the year for the titles aren’t even an established tag team but the cobbled together alliance of UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock and the former Impact World Champion and leader of OvE Sammi Callihan.

Jordynne Grace is no exception. She has handily beaten every challenger sent her way in her six-month reign with the strap. From literal living legends like Taya Valkyrie to absolute powerhouses like Impact Wrestling original Havok.  She has handled all competitors sent her way with grace and no mercy. While it has been entertaining thus far it runs the risk of quickly becoming stale. The problem with destroying everyone you face is that you put yourself on an unreachable pedestal. to the rest of the division. If it isn’t believable that you could at least be threatened to be beaten at any moment on any day. It’s just not that entertaining.