Impact Wrestling: 3 Reasons Why Deonna Purrazzo should win at Slammiversary

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /
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Jordynne Grace is ready for another title

So what do you do with a woman who has decimated the entire division and left no believable challengers in her wake? You remove her from the division. You place her in a position to challenge against believable opponents, people who can match her in intensity and strength. You have her challenge for the “men’s” titles.

Think of it this way.

Let’s just say that Willie Mack beats Chris Bey to retain the X Division title. Who would you want to see him face off against? Ace Austin again? Maybe one of the Rascalz? Or would you rather see him face off against someone who can match him in strength and speed?

Someone who can whip him around the ring in the same way that he does the smaller guys in the x division, who can sell like a million bucks and is believably a badass? I posit that the best possible matchup for Willie Mack is a defense against the debuting Jordynne Grace. Let Thick Momma Pump and Chocolate Caliente destroy each other and the ring around them while we just go along for the ride.

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Jordynne Grace is everything that Impact Wrestling thought Tessa Blanchard might be without any of the downsides. Jordynne has traveled the independents extensively in the years since her debut and worked with several performers who are in massive positions of power today and no one has a sour word to say about her. She is strong and believable as hell. Maybe the first experiment failed. But that doesn’t mean that Impact should scrap the whole idea. They just need to adjust. Jordynne is just the adjustment they’ve been looking for.