NXT Great American Bash Night 2 Results and Grades: A top star is born

WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com /
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WWE NXT Great American Bash’s second night more than lived up to the hype.

NXT Great American Bash Night 1 was a rousing success, highlighted by a thrilling main event between Io Shirai and Sasha Banks. Night 2 would be headlined by Keith Lee and Adam Cole in a unification match for the North American and WWE NXT Championships. The rest of the card looked stacked as well, featuring a Street Fight between Mia Yim and Candice LeRae – two great rivals who helped put on a show in Night 1’s opener.

Here are the full results and grades for the show.

Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim, Street Fight

Result: Candice LeRae wins by pinfall

Grade: A, This was a strong opener. Mia Yim and Candice LeRae made great use of all the weapons available to them. It was difficult to predict who would win throughout, as both women had a strong showing. Great psychology in this match.

The match didn’t start with the bell ringing, as Candice LeRae walked down the ramp with her awesome new heel entrance and was immediately slammed from behind by Yim. Once the fight got near the ring, Yim started throwing EVERY weapon imaginable into the ring. Steel chairs, kendo sticks, a garbage can…Yim was bringing it ALL out before LeRae could collect herself and the bell rung.

LeRae picked up the kendo stick and tried to bring the pain to Yim, but Yim caught it and started using it to perfection.

The Performance Center recruits – I have to get my terminology right otherwise Kevin Dunn will push my bosses to get me canned – chanted for tables, so Yim obliged. But LeRae was able to hit a dropkick on Yim, allowing her to set up the table in the corner.

LeRae started using the ringpost perfectly to target Yim, but Yim managed to counter, sending LeRae into the crowd of wrestlers (and chairs). But it seemed like Yim had tweaked her right shoulder from all those ringpost smashes.

We had a mini-food fight, too, which undoubtedly made the producer of the Money in the Bank cinematic ladder matches happy.

All of a sudden, LeRae took a page out of Carmella’s playbook by using the fire extinguisher on Yim, using that to gain and advantage. She tried to use that advantage to suplex Yim through the table, but she ended up getting dropkicked into the table!

After the commercial break, Yim tried to put a move on LeRae after tying her up into a steel chair, but LeRae countered, driving Yim into the steel chair. And Yim had to kick out at two after being dropkicked into the same chair. Both women were hitting some big moves using the match’s weaponry!

LeRae brought out MORE chairs, as if there already weren’t enough weapons around! But instead of reaching for the chairs, she actually used the trash can lid to wreck Yim’s ribs some more, making it difficult for her babyface opponent to breathe!

Of course, Yim put a trash can over LeRae and lined her up with a kick and a cannonball! She wanted to follow that up with brass knuckles, but LeRae spotted it perfectly, using the steel chair to hit the brass knuckles! And then she piled up ALL the chairs over her! She climbed the top rope for a big move, but she was hurt too much by the match to get there in time.

So Yim took advantage, setting up the chairs herself and ascending the top rope for a move. LeRae was able to get the brass knuckles off and take them for herself, as the two teetered on a table perched precariously on the top rope. And LeRae hit the diving swinging neckbreaker for the win! Wow! What a shocking finish!