NXT Great American Bash Night 2 Results and Grades: A top star is born

WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com /
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Bronson Reed vs. Tony Nese

Result: Bronson Reed wins by pinfall

Grade: B-, A simple, effective match with a story that was easy to follow. Bronson Reed and Tony Nese are both impressive athletes.

Former Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese’s atrocious conduct during his match with NXT newcomer Leon Rush drew the ire of Bronson Reed, who wanted to put Nese in his place after his disrespectful actions. Nese is a former Cruiserweight Champion and is currently one of the most disliked wrestlers in NXT due to his arrogant attitude.

Reed’s strength was far too much for Nese to handle, and Nese really should have spent less time talking trash about his abs and pecs before the match and more time focusing on how to get in early offense – other than grabbing the hair or taking cheapshots in the corner. Arrogant as ever, Nese even started doing jumping jacks in the ring!

But Reed did an even more impressive exercise, hitting Nese with a perfect military press! Just as Reed thought he had an advantage, Nese used the apron to briefly stun Reed, following that up with some fists to the face.

A huge highlight came when Nese snapped Reed’s head on the ropes and then followed that up with an AMAZING springboard moonsault! It’s easy to forget how good Nese is when he shows off his athleticism, especially when he hits a high-flying move like that.

Reed showed he can go to the top rope, too, though! He won the match with a top-rope move, in fact, nailing a splash with heavy impact to put away Nese and teach the former champion on 205 Live a lesson.