NXT Great American Bash Night 2 Results and Grades: A top star is born

WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com /
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Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Johnny Gargano

Result: Johnny Gargano wins by pinfall

Grade: A+, Please make some time to watch this one. Johnny Gargano was as good as ever, but Swerve was super impressive. His counters, technical skills, and selling were tremendous.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott is a wrestler ready for stardom in NXT. And this would be his biggest career match in WWE, created on the first night of NXT Great American Bash.

As expected, Gargano and Scott, two of the most technical wrestlers in the company, started the match feeling each other out with some chain wrestling. Gargano, as the more experienced competitor in NXT, won the opening battle, locking the 205 Live standout into a submission.

The match picked up the pace after the submission battle finished, as the two wrestlers showed they are also capable of wrestling a high-flying style. Scott’s counters were INCREDIBLE. Like, even Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix asked how the physics of Scott’s moves worked!

After the break, Scott started to string some big moves together, including a sick move where he jumped off the top rope and hit the small of Johnny Gargano’s back. Finally, Swerve was getting a real edge in this match.

Gargano went for a springboard rolling elbow that Scott countered INTO a kip-up. WOW. Like, how did he do that???

Swerve got a 2.5-count on Gargano to hang on after being placed in a devastating submission. Gargano and Scott were fighting at such a stalemate for most of the match, as it seemed like each man had the right counter for the other!

In the end, though, Gargano hit his DDT finisher for the win. But he was pushed to the limit, despite picking up another victory and more momentum.