NXT Great American Bash Night 2 Results and Grades: A top star is born

WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com /
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Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Raul Mendoza vs. Tyler Breeze, Fandango, and Drake Maverick

Result: The heels win, as Escobar pins Maverick

Grade: A-, A six-man tag with great storytelling worth your time. Fandango’s selling was mighty impressive, as were his moves in the ring. And Drake Maverick’s tag had me on the edge of my seat before Santos Escobar took advantage for the win.

Another match set up at NXT Great American Bash, this six-man tag match was much less hyped than Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Johnny Gargano.  But with the Fashion Police and Drake Maverick on the same team, anything can happen.

Drake Maverick convinced Tyler Breeze and Fandango that he wanted to start the match, as he wanted to get revenge on Santos Escobar for his heel turn on him after Escobar won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. But Escobar, of course, had other plans, not intending to start.So Breeze and Fandango had to calm him down so that Fandango could start against Joaquin Wilde.

Raul Mendoza and Breeze then got involved, with Breeze gaining the advantage for his team with some tremendous agility. So he brought Drake Maverick in the match. Maverick made the mistake of focusing too much on Escobar and not Mendoza, but he recovered as Escobar kept cooly smiling, unperturbed by Maverick’s anger.

Escobar tagged in for Mendoza, but he was toying with Maverick, immediately tagging out. He was just in there to help Mendoza and Wilde get some double-team moves to isolate Breeze.

When Breeze tagged out, he brought Fandango into the match, and Fandango cleaned house, even hitting his beautiful Falcon Arrow on Wilde! Things broke down quickly afterward, and Fandango military-pressed Maverick onto Legado del Fantasma! And then Fandango followed it up with a dive! But Fandango was selling a knee injury! And then Mendoza hit him knee-first into the steps!

Escobar came into the match for a lengthier spell as Legado del Fantasma looked to further isolate Fandango and target his injured left knee. Fandango’s selling was excellent, as it became uncomfortable and dramatic watching him struggle. He earned himself an opening by kicking Mendoza into the barricade out of desperation, and then Maverick and Escobar both tagged in for the big moment everyone was waiting for!

Maverick’s intensity carried the day, as he kept unleashing strikes onto Escobar. Although Maverick had the advantage, the match then broke down, which led to Maverick getting caught on the top rope by Escobar. And Escobar hit his finisher for the win.