NXT Great American Bash Night 2 Results and Grades: A top star is born

WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Keith Lee Credit: WWE.com /
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Santana Garrett vs. Mercedes Martinez

Result: Mercedes Martinez wins via pinfall

Grade: B-, A short match, but the wrestling action before it ended was excellent. Told the right story to put over Mercedes Martinez, but many fans waiting for Santana Garrett to get her chances. Martinez looked amazing here.

As announced, Mercedes Martinez would be in action on Night 2 of NXT Great American Bash, and this would be a dream matchup in WWE between two absolute legends in Martinez and Santana Garrett. You could feel the atmosphere in the room completely change when Martinez walked out into the ring; everyone knows who they are in the presence of when she steps foot inside the squared circle.

The match began with Garrett looking to lock up with Martinez in a respectful grappling battle, bt Martinez straight-up kicked her and then started laying in more harsh strikes of all varieties. Garrett stood no chance in the corner, until she started using her quickness and looked to use her technical ability.

Garrett’s handspring back elbow only seemed to irritate Martinez, who wiped her mouth and repeatedly fed Garrett blows to the head.

But Garrett showed her own striking ability with a couple of fists and a kick following another show of athleticism, but, once again, Martinez mowed her down and used that hit to slow the match down again.

Martinez then hit the Fisherman Buster to pick up the win.