WWE: The top 5 beatdowns caused by Brock Lesnar in history

WWE, Brock Lesnar(Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP)
WWE, Brock Lesnar(Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP) /
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SummerSlam 2014: John Cena

When Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak in 2014, it was a result that no-one saw coming. The Undertaker winning at WrestleMania was as certain as the sun coming up in the morning, and so the shock from the Deadman losing was indescribable. In one night, Lesnar went from a top star to THE top guy in the company, and  his momentum in WWE was at an all-time high as a result.

In his first match since defeating The Streak, Brock Lesnar entered SummerSlam 2014 to challenge John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Cena was considered by many to be the Face of WWE, and year and after he had been protected by the company when it came to his matches. That all changed at SummerSlam, as Cena was defenseless against Brock Lesnar in the greatest one-sided beatdown in WWE history.

Delivering sixteen suplexes to John Cena, the Beast Incarnate brought a level of destruction unparalleled up until that point. Even when Cena did manage to get the tiniest bit of offense in, Lesnar sat-up dramatically like The Undertaker, mocking Cena as he struggled to get back to his feet. One F5 later, Lesnar took the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from WWE’s resident superhero, celebrating in front of an audience who stood in shock and awe at what they just witnessed.

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