5 WWE wrestlers who would benefit from a brand switch

WWE, Shayna Baszler Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Shayna Baszler Photo: WWE.com /
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If you talk about ethics and superb performance, then this is the superstar that comes to everyone’s mind. Cesaro is a superstar who has been lauded by various legends including The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry on the recent Broken Skull Sessions.

Cesaro has been in the light for long, but the issue is that the superstar that debuted on the main roster six years ago has not got his due. The Swiss Superman’s work ethic and ability to perform caught everyone’s attention except Vince.

Mr. McMahon has the final say on anything that goes out to the public, and in his estimation, Cesaro is still not at that level where he gets a push. WWE COO Triple H has high praises for him as does everyone including legends, but one needs to see if a brand switch could do wonders for him.

A move to Monday Nights may allow Cesaro to perform to perfection. With so many choices in the form of Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander, one would have to wait and see the entertainment that the superstars bring to the product.

We all know that he has the skills, and all he needs is that extra push which Bruce Prichard or HHH could do for him. The Swiss Superman, we are rooting for you.