WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: Sasha Banks, Bayley try to save doomed show

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /
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Sasha Banks and Bayley put on a clinic, but that was one of the few bright spots for WWE SmackDown.

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown featured Sasha Banks and Bayley in another tag match, a SmackDown Tag Title match, and a Karaoke Showdown.

Miz TV

Grade: F, Jeff Hardy put his best into this, but Miz and Morrison were terrible. This storyline isn’t helping Hardy, the fans, or WWE for that matter.

This episode of Miz TV on WWE SmackDown featured Jeff Hardy, and John Morrison could not stop with the petty, childish insults. Given how horrible the storyline between Hardy and Sheamus has been, it was anyone’s guess as to how this latest episode of Miz TV would go completely off the rails.

Miz and Morrison pretended to mark out when Hardy made a high-spirited entrance, and Miz and Morrison made some half-hearted apologies for what Morrison said before Hardy entered.

Then, The A-Lister played a clip of his own after baiting Hardy, knowing full well he didn’t have a clip prepared. (What kind of non-heel guest has a clip prepared for a serially-failing talk show like Miz TV?)

As you’d expect, the clip makes Sheamus look good, showcasing his most scathing promos during the feud thus far and the Brogue Kick he hit on Hardy. It also included footage from last week’s insulting, insensitive main event segment.

Afterward, Miz and Morrison say a bunch of nonsense and then he says he doesn’t want his daughter to be a fan of someone who will “self-destruct again and let her down”. Um, what?

Hardy said that it will take a lot more than taunts from Sheamus to drive him back to where he was, and he says he was in a dark place that Miz and Morrison couldn’t even imagine. Truthfully, said Hardy, the loss at Backlash and Sheamus’ words do actually bother him, and he added that he needs to destroy Sheamus so he can put his past behind him.

His goal is to be a beacon of light on their television screens to show anyone with addiction that there’s hope and a life out there for them to fulfill their dreams if they can stay sober.

Miz and Morrison tried to goad Hardy into having a rematch with Sheamus in a Bar Fight…YIKES. Major yikes. This is heat?

Hardy said that he believes Sheamus put Miz and Morrison up to this, suggesting a Bar Fight as a match. And he, uh, accepted the match to prove he is on the right path. He promised the fans that he’d never let them down again.

He wanted more than that, though. Hardy wanted a match with one of them, letting the two heels choose, because he was sick of them throwing insults without repercussions. And then he threw some hands.