WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: Sasha Banks, Bayley try to save doomed show

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /
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Kofi Kingston and Big E (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro for the WWE SmackDown Tag Titles

Grade: B, Not a fan of the finish, but the match itself was solid and builds to a big title match at Extreme Rules. The final spot was awesome, too.

Along with Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, this was the match fans were looking forward to watching on WWE SmackDown. And since The New Day vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro was a tag title match, it was unsurprisingly the main event of the show. It was built up earlier in the program with two good backstage promos from both teams.

Shinsuke started the match against Kofi, aggressively keeping the former WWE Champion on the ground. After winning a singles match against him last week, the King of Strong Style was liking his team’s chances.

Cesaro kept the isolation of Kingston going, as the two men kept tagging in and out, making use of every part of the ring, as is usual for these two stalwarts, to deliver punishment to their prolific babyface opponent.

There was an awesome spot where Big E threw Kingston to the outside for a dive on the heels, but it backfired when Cesaro caught him with an uppercut! Ingenious stuff from these four men, and The New Day always have great spots like this woven into their title matches.

Kingston’s selling continued to be excellent, as he was desperately trying to get out of Nakamura’s grasp. He hit the SOS to give himself some space, reaching out to tag Big E into the match for the hot tag.

E came in to face Cesaro, and he started throwing the Swiss Cyborg around! His hot tags NEVER get old!

Kingston tagged in when E was in trouble and hit a Meteora on Cesaro from the top rope, but Nakamura was able to break up the pin at the last second.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a finish to the match, because things broke down so much that all rules were ignored and the official had to call off the match.

Next. 3 possible Extreme Rules Main Events. dark

But on the bright side, the action was incredible. Cesaro brought out a table from underneath the ring after bouncing Big E on the announce table, and the heels then put the big man through the steps. Kingston gave The New Day a flurry of offense, heroically fighting Nakamura and Cesaro. But he couldn’t fight two men on his own.

They brought Big E and the table in to the ring, laid out E on the table, and then had Cesaro powerbomb Kofi Kingston onto Big E through the table! What a spot!